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Buckle And Squash and The Monstrous Moat-Dragon

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Here begins a tale of two sisters - Eliza, who dreams of becoming a swashbuckling hero, and Lavender, whose greatest wish is to be a pampered princess.
When Lavender gets kidnapped in the Forest of Toothy, Vicious and Flatulent Dragons, the sisters must face a host of deadly enemies. Hairy-faced villains. Ominous turnips. A witch called Boris. And a moat-dragon who is just a little bit peckish for a tasty child-sized snack.
Will Eliza and Lavender ever escape?
Why is their goat, Gertrude, so depressed?
Whose side is Bonnet, the smallest giant in the world really on?
And what day is it today?
This book will answer some, but not all, of these questions . . .