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The Bee’s Sneeze

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From the bestselling illustrator of The Wonky Donkey series comes this gorgeous picture book.

“I smell a whiff, a ticklish sniff! I’ll squeeze the sneeze inside…” A new flower has appeared in Willowomp Wood – an enticing bloom from the Tootletuff fig. First Buzzy McBee decides to check it out … but it makes her sneeze! The force of the sneeze shoots her into the arms of Monkey Minx, who tries to help but also succombs to the sneezes … and then they both find themselves bumped into Barefoot Bear. But what does crafty Crocodile have in mind? Lucy Davey delights in the sounds of language, and produces rhyming text that children love. Like The Fidgety Itch, this is a cumulative, cyclical story.

  • Illustrated by Katz Cowley, the wonderful artist behind The Wonky Donkey fame
  • This is the perfect companion title to The Fidgety Itch
  • Fun, repetitive text makes for a giggle-tastic picture book for little ones!